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Renovations Require Approval !
Posted on Dec 18th, 2020

Advance approval is required to modify your condo !
The Spence’s Point Master Deed includes the following restriction:
Article IV(G.) Prohibited Work. No Co-Owner shall do any work on or in his Unit which would jeopardize the soundness or safety of the Property, reduce the value thereof or impair any easement or hereditament. Further no Co-Owner or resident shall paint or otherwise decorate or change the appearance of any portion of the exterior of the buildings. 
Interior or exterior changes such as: 
  • window or door replacement
    See the Authorized Window and Door Requirements before purchasing new windows ! Give the exterior paint standard to your contractor to obtain the right paint for window and door trim.
  • new flooring or carpet
  • kitchen or bathroom remodeling
  • moving or removing walls
  • deck repairs
  • modifying anything on the exterior walls of your unit
  • plumbing or electrical work
 All require advance approval.
Avoid the costly expense of re-work ! Submit a Renovation Questionnaire to our management company well before the start of your project. If in doubt - submit the form