PM Solutions (Property Management Solutions) is the management company for Spence’s Point and we would like to direct owners and residents to their online work order system. 
Click the link below to fill out a simple form. We encourage you to attach photos of the problem !!
PM Solutions Repair Form
Because there is some confusion in the community regarding who is responsible for maintenance items on our condo units, the Board is restating the current procedures regarding windows, screen on porches, deck repairs and interior damage from water. This is a summary of what is contained in the Master Deed, the Amendments to the Master Deed, the current Council of Co-Owners (COC) insurance policies, and past decisions of the Board regarding these documents.
Windows & Doors:
Replacement of windows and doors is the responsibility of owners. Only NEW CONSTRUCTION type windows and doors with a WELDED NAILING FLANGE and NO "J" CHANNEL that are BRONZE (dark brown) or ALMOND (Tan) in color are allowed. Paint to match windows are also allowed. The original windows at Spence's Point were dark brown and over the years they faded to tan. There are some white windows that were installed years ago prior to guidelines being established, but they were deemed to be a major change to the exterior of the building which is not allowed by the Master Deed.
The COC requires specific methods for installation and trim on the exterior of windows. The Window Guidelines can be found in the Documents section of the website and on the Home Page - left column at the top.
Owners are encouraged to replace all 30+ year old windows BEFORE they leak since they are completely energy inefficient and potentially cause water to leak behind the siding and damage the building structure.
Screen Porches: 
The screens on porches are the responsibility of owners. The screen includes the 2x4 wood frame that the screen is attached to - the perimeter and cross pieces.
A Renovation Questionnaire should be completed for screen/frame replacement since it is visible from the exterior. The wood frame pattern may be changed with prior approval. Some owners have added balusters and railings. Others have placed the screen on the outside to make cleaning of the frame easier.
The 2x4 wood frame has cut-outs at the bottom to allow water to drain off the edge of the porch floor. When replacing the frame, the cut-outs must be maintained.
The floor on screen porches is covered with a rubber membrane to keep water from dripping onto the unit below. The rubber membrane must not be damaged during flooring or carpet installation.
Deck Repairs: 
The deck surface boards and railings are the responsibility of owners. Owners should periodically paint the deck, rim joists and railing to preserve the wood. The Sherwin Williams paint formula can be found on our website. Owners are responsible for replacement of deck boards and railings when needed. A Renovation Questionnaire must be submitted before deck or railing work.
The COC is responsible for repair of the original deck under-structure (10ft x 14ft as shown on Master Deed). Contact the management company if repair is needed. Try to inspect the frame prior to deck replacement so that we can coordinate the work.
Drywall damage:
Owners are responsible for repairs to the surface of drywall in their units. This includes repair using drywall mud (patching compound), sanding and painting after water damage or cracks.
Amendment 5 to the Master Deed which was prepared after the fire in building 6, provides guidance. If there are questions, contact the COC Insurance agent or your own owner's insurance agent for help.
Wood Exterior damage:
The COC is responsible for repair of the exterior of the building except decks as outlined above. The porch on units with 3 bedrooms is included in it's entirety as part of the building exterior. 
Please notify the management company of any repairs that are needed. Attaching one photo when you fill out the Repair Form is an easy way to get the message across.