Safety Tips

NOTHING except propane gas logs may be used in the fireplaces at Spence's Point !
This rule was established after a fire that killed one owner. Poor maintenance of a chimney flue was partially responsible for the fire.
The owner's manual for the metal fireboxes originally installed at Spence's Point states that when the box is used for gas logs, the flue must be left in the OPEN positionClick here for a copy of that manual. See item #12 (last paragraph on page 2) under "General Safety Precautions".
In 2018, the original fireboxes in Units 412, 422, 432, 913 and 1023 were replaced with a Monessen Model BUF36 vent free firebox. Click here for a copy of that manual.
In 2022, the original fireboxes in Units 212, 213, 222, 223, 232 and 233 were replaced with a Monessen Model BUF36A vent free firebox. Click here for a copy of that manual.
Safety Tips Regarding the Regular Cleaning of Your Dryer Vent
Please remember that, like chimney flues, owners are responsible for the cleaning of their dryer vents. This can be a serious fire hazard if left unattended.
Additional information about the need to clean these vents, along with some examples of the consequences of dirty vents, can be found below.
The Use of Gas, Charcoal or Any Other Kind of Open Flame Grill On or Near Any Residential Building is Illegal and Strictly Prohibited
Electric grills which are not considered to be open flame appliances are the only grills allowed in, on, or near any residential building. The definition of the building includes decks, porches, balconies, walkways, or any other structure that is attached to or associated with any residential building. This is not an Association policy - this is the law. This law also prohibits the storage of propane gas cylinders in these same areas.
Animal Control & Personal Safety at Spence's Point
The Lexington County Animal Services department and county ordinance provide guidance for pet owners and the public. The Spence's Point Rules & Regulations have been modified to comply with the ordinance.  The ordinance applies to dogs and cats on public or private property. Additional health department rules prohibit pets at the cabana/pool.
Due to Safety Concerns, Skateboarding is No Longer Allowed on the Property
Because of the potential for accidents resulting from children skateboarding in the parking lot where traffic flows continuously, the Board of Directors has decided to prohibit skateboarding on any area of the property.  This includes the cabana area, walkways, marina, tennis courts and any other part of the property.  While safety is less of a concern in these other areas, damage resulting from skateboarding in these areas has prompted this decision.
A Safety Tip Regarding Screened Porches and Balconies
Our insurance company has brought something to the Board's attention that should be of interest to all of us.  Although our porches and balconies were built to existing code at the time, if you have small children in your unit you should be aware of two areas that could present potential safety issues. The screens on our porches were built in such a way that a small child left unattended could fall through the screen. Similarly, the spindles on the balconies are close enough that a child's head could become stuck if allowed on that balcony unsupervised.  This may be less of a concern for those on the first floor or if you don't have small children in your unit. For others who may have concerns, please feel free to contact a Board member or the property management company for ideas and suggestions.
Consider Installing Carbon Monoxide Detectors Too!
The cost is minimal and a small price to pay for the additional peace of mind. Here is an article with some consumer reviews of various models.
Warning Signs of Defective Electrical Switches
Here is a very good article that we should all familiarize ourselves with. Since our community is over 20 years old, this information could be very relevant to us.
Check Your Smoke Detectors!
If you haven't done so this year, check all smoke detectors to ensure they are in good working order. Change all batteries at the beginning of each year to ensure your smoke detector will function at all times.